Wonderful You

“Wonderful You” – Watercolor, pen and ink, and mixed media collage by Lisa Kindle ©2023

Wonderful You

Plant your roots

In the deep, rich 

soil that brings you life.

Plant your roots
where there 

is room to 

spread your wings

and flourish.

Nurture your soul

by the light 

of the sun,

rooted in the faith

you have in yourself –

and all you believe.

Believe that 

you are


Just as you are.





Lisa M. Kindle, April 2023

Where are you planted?

  • Do you have a firm foundation? 
  • Do you have a business plan? 
  • Do you know your purpose in life?
  • Where do you put your trust?
  • Where do you find your strength?

Being clear about your values and purpose can help you find a strong foot-hold in your life and work. You will see it prosper and flourish in new ways.

With a strong spiritual foundation, you can focus on what is truly essential. A strong foundation can support creating a new vision to see what opportunities lie ahead, rather than hanging on to our fears and anxieties about change and what the future may hold.

A strong foundation is built from stone, concrete, or some very sturdy material. It is not built on sand or loose rock. When a storm comes and you have built your house on loose ground, it will fall.

Life is like that. Business is like that.

If you have loose soil, unclear ideas, friends that don’t align with your values, unfinished business plans, business colleagues who don’t know where they stand or are dishonest, they will most likely fail you, and ultimately leave you high and dry. These things are like seeds that fall in the cracks to grow, quickly withering away because they do not have fertile soil to grow in. They may do great things for a time, but they don’t last the test of time.

When and where you choose to plant yourself will determine the kind of growth you will have.

L Kindle 2023

I, for one, prefer the fertile soil, living and and surrounding myself with friends and places that enrich my life to help me grow every day.

I imagine myself surrounded by tall sunflowers with bulky stems; with their happy faces turned up towards the sun.


If you would like to find more clarity, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Lisa. She offers life coaching that is infused with therapeutic art practices and practical applications based in wellness counseling to guide and support you.

Reach out to her to find out how you can work together.

Pink Rocks

A mindful week or so looking for pink in nature as a way to focus on letting go of stress, and unwinding from months of busy-ness.

“From Arizona with Love” by Lisa Kindle ©2023

Over the past week or so, I’ve taken some quiet time to reflect and unplug after many months of constant activity following our cross-country move from Minnesota to Arizona.

It seems as if all the things up until now, along with the events, all the improvements to the property, business decisions and all the new relationships we have made in the past 6 months truly brought our dream into focus; and into what is our lives calling: To serve others on their journey to find peace, rest and transformation through art, with a creative approach to wellness.

I live (and love) the work I teach. This week I started my days with morning pages, sometimes creating art on some of the pages. I drew several drawings I felt inspired to create along with a few mixed media collages in my sketchbooks. For the first time in a while, Dean and I were able to get out and take some relaxing walks in the desert and spent an afternoon exploring at Saguaro Park East.

On our walks, for some reason, the pink stones called to me. The brightness of these rocks against the natural tones of the desert stood out and grabbed my attention. I decided I would choose those stones to create a special image to mark this time of reflection before moving forward with new work.

One one of the walks, this small dried-out, twisted root of a plant caught my eye. I carried it with me to add to my image in some way. I liked the twists and turns of the wood and it’s aged appearance.

Today, I took the chosen rocks and piece of wood out on the dry ground to create my special image with my pink rocks. The first rock that was put in the center is shaped like a heart. Right at the “heart” of the image – which happens to align with pink being the heart chakra. I’m not “big” into chakras, but I am aware of them and how they often line up with the color work I do relating to emotions and personality traits.

So, that got me wondering about “pink.” Colors fascinate me, regardless of how much I know, there is always more to learn! So let’s take a look at some interesting information on the color pink and how it shows up in nature and how other cultures view it.

Pink is one of the most common plant colors seen in nature. It attracts birds and insects. It may also deter predators.

The color pink represents unconditional love, friendship and has an energy about it that signifies a balance between the spiritual and material.

Pink is a sign of hope. It radiates gentleness and loving energy. Pink or “rose” inspires a feeling of comfort and joyfulness. As the color of the heart chakra, it brings open heart energy and is a sign of being receptive and you show up in the world in a loving way. Pink is the universal color of love for oneself and others.

In Roman times, the goddess Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, fertility and desire.

In Christian traditions, the color pink is a joyous color and represents purity and the resurrection of Jesus. It’s the perfect time to reflect on the color pink if you celebrate Easter. While it’s a time for joy, it is also a period of penance and prayer.

In China, pink is a lucky color believed to bring good fortune and represents purity and joy.

Koreans view pink as a symbol of trust and faith.

In Southern India, the pastel tone of pink is considered a bright, happy color that brings joy.

As I consider these past few days reflecting on the color pink, it reminds me to be thankful of good health and the great joy I have had meeting so many wonderful people as we have just begun to build our legacy here in Arizona, Solquest Retreat.

I am reminded that it is a delicate balance between the spiritual and material world. There are many who need that same reminder and a safe place to explore what that means to them. I am proud of the work we are doing and hope that many will come to find peace here in the desert.

31 Shades of Green

My Sketchbook for March 2022: #31shadesofgreeen Handbound, homemade sketchbook

For the month of March, I decided to dedicate the 31 days to the color green. It is a significant time of growth, a season of new beginnings as we welcome Spring in Minnesota. We are eager for the snowstorms to pass and bring sunny skies and little shoots of the first flowers pushing through the patches of melting snow.

Creativity meets real life. I began March full of energy knowing I had a vacation coming towards the end of the month I’d been planning for nearly a year. This gave me a great sense of anticipation and excitement.

I started my month of green challenge off by creating my own sketchbook, using materials from art supplies I had on hand. I used random pieces of watercolor paper in varying weights, drawing paper, old scrapbook paper and other patterned papers. I bound them with green embroidery floss and finished off the binding with a piece of white fabric. I then added a piece of chipboard to the front and back covers before I started any artwork. My first painting on the sketchbook was the cover, which I used mixed media to create an abstract painting in many shades of green.

Me and my daughter, who stopped over wearing green on the first of March!

On March 1, 2022m my daughter happened to stop by and we were both wearing GREEN! So, as simple as that, we took a selfie and I had it printed as one of the first pages in this #31shadesofgreen sketchbook challenge. This further inspired me to create a couple more pages. About a week later, life happened as I started feeling a cold coming on. I spent over a week in bed mid-March and this kept me from creating anything because I was so under the weather. 

I had spent the first couple weeks really pushing myself to get everything done with personal and professional goals to be able to leave on vacation so that it was all done….. FULL STOP. Things had to be canceled, including a podcast I had really wanted to do. I had a big goal that I was so close to finishing looming over my head as I struggled to recover. I drew an image of self-love in my sketchbook in shades of green, praying for good health.

Take time to slow down and look for everything that is green around you.

I reflected on the “unplugged” experiment I was actively doing. You can read about it in my previous blog post (link here). As I continued to cancel meeting after meeting and other obligations, I had an a-ha moment when reflecting.

What I learned:

  • No one died when I said no
  • I could reschedule things and no one hated me
  • I was not a failure for letting things go
  • I got better faster when I put myself first

It might surprise you to know that in the end, as I boarded the plane on March 21, my bags were packed neatly and mindfully. I even had extra room in my carry on! All of our travel plans and arrangements for home were taken care of. And miraculously, I was able to reach my biggest goal for 2022 the night before departure. It was hard to push through, but even with over a week of not working, I was able to do it and accomplished more than I thought possible.

March Mantra: 
Be true to your heart.

When I began the “unplugged” journey, I had a vision to create a program based on the work I have been doing over the last two years I’ve named the Color Affirmation Deck™. I wanted to create an online class, an in-depth program, a certification and a daily inspirational deck people could purchase instead of creating their own. Over the course of the past few months, I met all the right people to encourage me and inspire me to keep going. I created the class, launched it online, then created a certification program, pre-sold my first decks and have a handful of people signed up for my certification program for professionals to use this process in their practices. I ordered my first set of decks (all pre-paid) and will be starting a certification course in Wellness Counseling with Cornell University in April.

A very special thank you to PEO for making it possible for me to continuing to grow in my career path and add to the knowledge and services I can provide to my clients building businesses, whether they are an artist or not. The P.E.O. Sisterhood is a U.S.-based international women’s organization of about 230,000 members, with a primary focus on providing educational opportunities for female students worldwide. The Chapter in Park Rapids, Minnesota is my sponsoring chapter.

Regardless of how my deck and programs are received by the public and on the market, I know that I’ve been true to myself and the inner drive to create something I feel strongly about. It is my deepest desire to inspire others through art and creativity to see life in a new way that brings about the highest good in their lives.

March allowed my heart to expand in new ways. I often teach how limitations in making art can help free the process of creating. I found this to be true during my #31shadesofgreen challenge. This limitation gave me a reason to pause and consider things I would have never thought of.

In my next blog post I will share with you about our adventure to the Peridot mine on the San Carlos Indian Reservation in Globe, Arizona. It was an amazing experience as part of my #31shadesofgreen challenge, where once again art and life came together.

Peridot Hearts from Arizona. We collected these at a private claim in the San Carlos Indian Reservation


A collage of images that shows what I’ve been up to while “Unplugged” for the past few weeks every morning until 1:00 in the the afternoon. Read this blog post to learn more about what and why I’ve been doing it.

I just started “week 4” of being “unplugged.” I’ve been getting some questions as to what that means. What have I doing, why have I done it; and how is it going? I was about to write this blog post today and the questions started coming in, so read on….

I started this journey because I was struggling to get what I wanted done after making the big decision to take an “artist’s sabbatical at the beginning of the year.” I was frustrated. As an entrepreneur since 2006, I know what it takes to get things done, but in 2018 I pivoted into new territory; and, as I continue to reinvent myself, it takes even more determination to get “ALL THE THINGS” done to meet my personal and professional goals.

When we do what is right for ourselves, we also do what is right for others – whether it seems that way in the moment or not. Allow yourself the courage and the dignity to do as you see fit.

Julia Cameron, The Listening Path

UNPLUGGED was declared as a way to reset my resolve and create a routine that would help me get what I wanted to get done. What was on my list, you ask? Here are my basic objectives for the unplugged hours (approximately 9:00am – 1:00pm)

• no phone, emails, facebook or internet

• morning pages (journaling)

• read

• short workout (15-30 minutes)

• I want to lose some weight

• walk optional as weather improves

• art time

• coffee

• no meetings unless previously scheduled

This has been a big undertaking.

I have been successful on TWO DAYS in three weeks in implementing these objectives above.


I have been able to achieve the following list of items:

  1. I completed a grant application. I was awarded this grant to take a wellness counseling certification course.
  2. Major overhaul and update to my website – significant progress has been made.
  3. Launched more than one art class online.
  4. Sold art and products online.
  5. Was hired to illustrate a book.
  6. Was commissioned for a painting.
  7. Was asked to teach art in Arizona.
  8. Created a certification program for Practitioners for my Color Affirmation Deck™
  9. My Art Kit for the Color Affirmation Deck™ is in my shop.
  10. I’ve lost about 3 pounds.
  11. I’m reading the book “The Listening Path” by Julia Cameron.
  12. Have a returning coaching client.
Art Kit: Make Your Own Color Affirmation Deck™ – available in my shop!
Practice playing with color by taking my COLOR CHALLENGE!

As I announced week 4 today, I felt like I needed to share with you a bit about my journey and what it’s all been about. I certainly thought it would be easier to do some of these things! I have been giving myself grace as I am not getting my morning pages or work out done every day. I realize that I am a work in progress and there are many positive and productive things I am accomplishing.

My bigger objective is to get to a place where I feel balanced between work and life.

I ask myself……

  • Am I soaking in the gift I have in my life right now to create a life I love?
  • Am I truly embracing the talents I have been given?
  • Can I feel and see the beauty of my gifts in my life?
  • Am I using this gift of time to its fullest potential?
  • What does balance look like for me?

There are rare moments when I can feel absolute peace in my body when I am in the flow creating – nothing else matters.

Are there things you talk about doing, but time after time are still left undone? How could your life be more fully colorful, living a life that truly reflects the person you were born to be? Are you living that life? If not, why not? How could you adapt my “unplugged” experience to help you reach one of these goals?

XO, Artfully Yours, Lisa

Art Heals

I was an art major in college, then later I later supported myself and my family with my career running an independent studio as a graphic designer for over twenty years. Not until recently have I fully embraced owning my gift as “an artist.” I believe the work we do in the world is a reflection of who we are.

Do you ever feel like your day flew by and you got nothing done? Feel frustrated, not able to concentrate or get a spare minute to yourself? Are you distracted, anxious, or stressed out about life?

As the end of January is quickly approaching, I began accessing where I am with the goals I have set for myself in the first quarter. I want to be better about getting up earlier, journalling before I feel the need for my first cup of coffee (maybe even squeeze a work out in) but let’s be honest I’ve only accomplished that ONE TIME since Jan 1, and even then, it was not before my coffee. So obviously, there’s room for growth. Most days, I give myself grace and proceed to my normal awesomeness.

Women need real moments of solitude and self-reflection to balance out how much of ourselves we give away.

Barbara DeAngelis

This week, I found myself in the middle of several projects. I had used the extra paint from one project on a piece of paper and on second glance, noticed a page of brightly colored swatches. I felt a nudge to keep working with these colors. It became a series of layers starting with the colors to a top layer of texture, color, and neuro-lines..

The layers began to take shape. Let me show you each step of the process as I worked through my saved up emotion of daily frustrations.

Anatomy of Healing through Art

According to researchers, spending just a few minutes thinking about your best qualities before a high-pressure meeting – a performance review, for example – can calm your nerves, increase your confidence, and improve your chances of a successful outcome.


When you repeat affirmations often, and believe in them, you can start to make positive changes.

He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.

Mohammad Ali

It was brought to my attention when I posted a video showing the different layers of this work, that they were not aware it was actually one piece. It’s the same with who we are. We can choose what we show to each other as a person. Which part of you are you sharing, are you your AUTHENTIC, full color self that you started out being, or a have you “painted over” that person, changed yourself in some way to fit in? Which version of yourself is how you live your life? Is it the version of yourself you love?

Wrap Yourself in Peace

A meditation on color and contentment from within

Release and Reflect

“Borealis” Watercolor by Lisa Kindle.
You may purchase this scarf through her Red Bubble Shop, “Art Soul Living.”

See the scarf in the photo here? What colors do you see? What color stands out most to you? Imagine your own scarf in the color that speaks to you. Now take that scarf and wrap it around you, fully and snug until you feel the texture of the fabric against your skin.

Imagine this scarf in rich, wonderful colors pulsating with energy and love all around you. Your positive attributes swirl around you while all negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and toxic relationships find their release through the top of your head – escaping into the ether, gone forever; never to return or enter your mind in any way that disrupts your life. All that remains within is everything that is positive and good. As you unwrap yourself, you are tingling with anticipation, glowing from within, and you feel a sense of peace and contentment in your heart.

My wish for you is that you are forever clothed in happiness, peace and contentment. May you feel it in your mind, body, and spirit. You carry this sense of being with you everywhere like the colorful scarf. It is light, like the air you breath. Your burdens are fleeting, like the birds flying above. You smile as you soak in the warmth of the sun on your face. All your days are full of radiant colors and bright. You live in peace, walking through life with ease and grace, attracting abundance in all things.


Astral Butterfly

Astral Butterfly, Original Acrylic on Wood, 8″ x 9″ by Lisa Kindle. Available for purchase.

Art & Inspiration

Over the past two years, I led a group called the Global Art Café online every week that included a variety of events and activities, special guests and much, much more. We traveled virtually around the world through members all the way from Japan, France, Romania, Luxembourg, UK, Nepal; and all parts of the USA – learned about art, literature, and culture from many talented colleagues and friends across the globe. It was such an enriching and fabulous experience. I am so thankful for all these connections and many life-long friendships because of it.

Now, as 2022 begins, I am taking an artist’s sabbatical to work on some projects that need tending and completion. It’s been an amazing start to the year.. I am truly grateful to all of you!

It’s been quite a journey, and I want to say to the world, all my supportive friends and family, that the fruits of this labor is not only from my efforts, but the mutual support I have gotten from all of you! Thank you to everyone who follows, engages, likes and supports my work in whatever way you can. You can expect to hear more from me on the Global Art Café podcast and in blog posts here, also on Facebook and Instagram. Follow along by searching for the Global Art Café and “Lisa Kindle Artist.”

I am excited about the days and months ahead and look forward to seeing how you are creative in your life and how I can continue to share in your journey. I will be offering new classes, products and one on one coaching in the new year.

Now, speaking of art and inspiration, just before the new year, I held a private painting class with a couple friends where we painted some wood slices. I decided instead of a winter or Christmas theme to create something new. Somehow, this butterfly emerged – definitely influenced by the Neurographica drawing I was learning at the time. When I completed this, one of my Global Art Café founding members was inspired to write a really endearing story about my “Astral Butterfly.” We call her “Fab Val” because she is fabulous and writes the most wonderful, inventive stories about gnomes and other creatures real and imagined in nature. She gave me permission to share the story she wrote about this artwork with you. ENJOY.

I love how we can inspire creativity in one another!

LM Kindle 2022

Astral Butterfly” by Valerie Coopet

There was a little old lady that lived in a small, run down house in the poor part of town. She had a small yard that was her pride and joy. She filled it with flowers. She had pink cone flowers, butterfly bush, bee balm, roses and many, many more. She chose them carefully with bees and butterflies in mind. The neighbors treated her kindly, but regarded her as a bit eccentric.  They would stop and greet her when she was out tending her flowers and were often given small bouquets or seeds that she had gathered from her garden. Many planted them and were charmed as butterflies and bees began to visit their homes. Children would spy on her and watch as hundreds of butterflies and bees would settle on her as she sat in her lawn chair in her backyard.  She would hum softly with her eyes closed, in tune with the buzzing of the bees.

  She knew the children watched her and enjoyed their silent company. There was a small girl who would watch her almost every day.  One day the old woman turned and smiled at her and asked her to come and sit with her. The girl approached hesitantly. The woman stretched out her hand and placed a butterfly on the girl’s shoulder. The old woman pointed to the ground and the girl sat down. Soon she was covered with butterflies and fuzzy bumble bees.  She came to visit everyday.

 Years passed.  The woman grew older and still tended her flowers. The girl grew into a young woman and still would come by and sit with her old friend when she was not busy with school, friends or her part time job.  One afternoon the old woman sighed and confided in her young friend that she was tired and thought she would soon be unable to care for her beloved garden. The young woman assured her that she would help her.  She often brought her friends to help her with water and weed. They were amazed as they saw butterflies and bees settle on the old woman and their friend.  It was a site to behold.

 One day the young woman came to water alone.  She did not see her old friend. She looked around and saw butterflies and bees settled on the ground. As she approached the insects took flight. The old woman was laying on the ground. She looked peaceful. She had collapsed and died in her garden. Her flowers and plants had grown protectively around her. She almost appeared to be embraced by nature.  The girl sat in the old woman’s chair and cried for her old friend. By the time she left the old woman had been completely covered by her plants and embraced by her garden.  She knew there was no need to do more for her old friend.

   In the night the young woman was awakened by fluttering and buzzing at her window. Surprised to see the insects in the night, she got out of bed and went outside. They swarmed around her and led her to the garden. She sat in the lawn chair and her friends settled on her.  The butterflies did not flutter their wings, the bees stopped buzzing.  The silence was strange and frightening.  In front of her, where the old woman had died, the ground began to glow.  Fireflies flew up in the air, and swirled around and around. As she watched something began to emerge from the ground. It was not a flower or a bush. It was a large, glowing cocoon-like object.  Before her eyes it began to open like a giant flower. In the middle was a beautiful young woman with the glorious wings of a white butterfly. She seemed to get her energy from the earth. Soon, the whole garden was filled with a soft light. The woman closed her wings for a moment then spread them and lifted them from the ground. She flew into the air.  All the fireflies, butterflies and bees followed her. 

  Years later, children would come to spy on the young woman that took care of a beautiful garden. Sometimes she would smile at them and place one of the butterflies that hovered around her on their heads or noses.  They would smile and run home to tend their own small gardens.

Time to Play!

“Borealis” Sometimes there are happy accidents and beautiful things
that happen when you take time to play.

Did I catch you attention? Did you feel a pang of guilt even reading an article about play? I feel you! So often– even the weekends get overtaken by chores, work and other tasks that take us away from “play.” Things like preparing meals, shuttling kids, shopping, and other errands stop us from finding. a quiet moment to ourselves.

Ironically, you get run-down because you haven’t taken a run…. the run around the lake you love, even a walk around the block or a workout at the gym. Your body craves play and movement. I’ve heard whatever you do for work, you should do the opposite to recharge.


• Play is ART, books, movies music, comedy, flirting, daydreaming

• Play can facilitate deeper connections and cultivate healing

• Play is a catalyst for productivity and happiness

For me, when I sit for long hours working on art piece or in front of my computer, I need to remember to stand up, go outside, and take walks whenever I can to stay healthy and fueled to do my best work.

Let’s go for a walk, she said……

Even in below zero weather, it’s worth the time to bundle up and spend time with my daughter.
(The cocoa tasted that much sweeter!)

Play is the purest expression of love.

– Stuart Brown, MD, Founder of the National Institute for Play

Give yourself permission
to play every day!

Hey, did you notice above ART IS PLAY!!!!????
Go grab some paints, crayons, markers or
just some pens and paper
Doodle, fill it in with color, relax and enjoy!

Fill My Cup

Taking time to reflect and “fill my cup” using art. ©2022 Lisa Kindle

Most of us have heard the phrase, “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” I was thinking about this this morning as I sipped on my hot cup of coffee. How do I fill my cup? How can I incorporate this idea into a drawing?

As I begin to draw I’m also thinking about white space. If you’ve ever taken an art class, your art instructor probably told you to be sure to leave some white space. Why is it so important? White space allows the eye a place to rest, balance for the “body” of the work; ease for the viewer. White space symbolizes a pause – a spot where you can rest and recharge. White space is your invitation for “me time” – for you to choose to do whatever you want.

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.

– Anne Lamott

Here is a list of different ways you can fill your cup:

• Enjoy a cup of hot tea or coffee

• Listen to music

• Take a walk

• Sit out in nature

• Go for a bike ride

• Visit a museum

• Draw or paint

• Do an activity that brings you joy

• Spend time with a friend

• Call a friend

• Write, meditate, pray

• Read a book

• Sit quietly

• Go to a nice restaurant

• Treat yourself

• Take a nap

• Unplug

• Buy the expensive chocolate!

My favorite way to fill my cup is …… time with my husband, talking with my mom, laughing, remembering, taking walks in nature, time with my daughter – whenever I can; kayaking, drawing, painting……. taking photos while exploring the great outdoors. Looking for things that normally go unseen. Family time playing games and laughing together. Sipping coffee first thing in the morning and reflecting on the day behind and the ones to come.

Wishing you an overflowing cup of whatever brings you joy!



Create a life to remember!
Watercolor by Lisa Kindle ©2021. Prints available upon request.

Rock cairns can be found along the trails to mark your coming and goings. I’ve hiked trails in Wyoming, Colorado, South Carolina, Hawaii and the Minnesota North Shore among other places. I’ve seen rock cairns high up on the Continental Divide and made many of my own along the Minnesota North Shore. Some even out of sea glass.

One of the most unique places I’ve seen rock cairns, was at the old Jewish cemetery in Prague, Czech Republic, which is one of the largest of its kind in Europe and one of the most important Jewish historical monuments in Prague. People leave rocks on top of the grave stones in remembrance of their loved ones.

Rock cairns are human-made stacks, mounds or piles of rocks. They take different forms, and have been built by cultures around the world for many different purposes. Cairns may serve as monuments, burial sites, navigational aids (by land or sea), or ceremonial grounds, among other uses.

My rock cairn above for 2022 represents the things this year I want to remember to make a priority in my life.



Will you accept that you did enough today?
Photo Credit: Ruth Ann Campton. 1943 Edition of Joy of Cooking Cookbook by Irma S. Rombauer
Will you accept that YOU ARE ENOUGH?

Do you believe that you are enough? Do you feel productive at the end of the day?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I tend to overthink (ha ha) shocking for those who know me. YUP. It’s true. What if…. if I did this or that, if I just do one more meeting, finished one more book, created one more class or a piece of art, would it would be enough? If I keep the house clean and have a nice dinner on the table every night, would that be enough?

What is ENOUGH?

It’s enough when you are doing all the right things for the right reasons. Life is short. Choose well.

Remember, YOU ARE ENOUGH, just as YOU ARE. No fancy names, fancy titles, achievements, special dinners or gifts will make you a better person.


Let’s take a page from Irma Rombauer’s life. Irma reinvented herself following the death of her husband to the surprise of everyone and wrote one of the most beloved cookbooks in America, the Joy of Cooking.

One cookbook author, Molly Finn, summed it up this way, “The best thing about The Joy of Cooking, is the voice of its author, Irma Rombauer. She engages in a constant dialogue with her readers, telling stories about herself and her family, sprinkling the text with genuine witticisms and excruciatingly corny puns, and making sure everybody knows that cooking is not an occult science or esoteric art, but part of the everyday work of the vast majority of women (and a few men) that can be turned into fun with her help.

Use your voice. Use your gifts. Trust that you are enough.


Living my best life

A good day

One of the things I’ve thought a lot about as the new year approached was how I was spending my time over the past year. I’m in the stage of my life where I should be at the height of my career, making the most money. I’ve been self-employed for the better part of the last 15 years and I wouldn’t say that is the case. How do you find peace where you are at?

Whether you work for someone or yourself, at the end of the day, however you spend your time can be a source of joy or frustration. At the end of the day, do you respect yourself for the time spent doing whatever it is you are doing? I have been pursuing a life as an artist – full time over the past year or so, but I have to admit a lot of my time was spent doing other kinds of things that was not my art.

We all have house chores, bills to pay and things that demand attention, whether it’s your pet, your partner, or other obligations. With all those things taken care of, what does your life look like? What defines you? Who are you?

As I start a new year, THIS YEAR, I am claiming time to be more focused on myself, yes I said it. It even feels selfish telling you that, but here is the thing – if I don’t make myself a priority, who will? And if not now, when?

What is it that you have put off making a priority? Is there something eating up too much of your time that no longer serves your highest good?

For me, there will be less of some things and MORE ART TIME! More making things to share with the world, creating things that can serve more people while filling my own cup in the process. It’s a true win-win and I will respect myself more for making my dreams a priority.

What are you dreaming of in 2022. I hope you had a good day today, too!

Artfully Yours, Lisa

New Year Rituals

Looking Ahead

The temps were -15 degrees this morning while I had my Jasmine tea and wrote in my journal…..

I am looking forward to meeting many new and amazing people in 2022. I hope to meet some of you that I’ve connected with already IRL if that becomes possible! I am looking forward to a trip that is planned in March to fly to a warmer location and explore the desert in Arizona – America’s Southwest. It will be the first time really exploring that area for me, so I am excited!

I’m feeling like the work I have been doing for the past three years is finally coming together in a way that I can present it to you to be used. I will be coming out with art classes, workshops and retreats in person and online over the course of the year. During January, I will launch my first class and hopefully have my 72-card daily inspiration deck to share with you as well. I am very excited for you to see and experience what I have created for you.

Word of the Year

To begin the year, I usually choose a word to help anchor me and keep me on course throughout the year. This year, there are several words I will be mindful of as I continue to evolve with my art business and living a creative lifestyle. My key words are visible, ease, and flow. My husband and I have chosen to use the word, “BRAVO” to celebrate daily wins! I expect to have lots of BRAVO moments ahead!

2022 New Year Ritual SOUL COLLAGE by Lisa Kindle ©2022

New Year Soul Collage

Another thing I like to do to mark the start of a new year is to create a vision board or some sort of collage to get me looking and thinking beyond where I have been and where I want to go. This year, I did a soul collage that has one image for each month and you are meant to keep it next to your bed (or somewhere prominent) to guide you through the year. It was an interesting exercise and I am looking forward to seeing what all these images will come to mean when I look back at the start of next year. If you’d like to learn more about this, I took the lead from a certified Soul Collage teacher, Andrea Thüler, from Bern Switzerland.

Here’s a link to her article describing the process: https://community.soulcollage.com/posts/creating-a-soulcollage-card-for-the-new-year-a-sacred-ritual

If you create a collage like this, please share it with me in the comments or feel free to reach out by email at [email protected]

A New Year Blessing

New Year Sundog, photo by Lisa Kindle 1-1-2022

my spirit,

A new day has come.

my spirit,

Oh, great
fill me with your
so that I may
like the sun,
with love –
and bring
to the world.

Make me a
ready to pour blessings over everyone and everything
along my path.

open to receive.

all the doubts, fears, stress
and worries of the past.

celebrating new beginnings
in advance.

spirit of 2022!

  • LM Kindle 2022

Healing Reflections for 2022

Yesterday, as I edited the last Global Art Café video for 2021 to post on YouTube, I was checking in on a day-long event being held by Shiloh Sophia, who teaches intentional creativity. She was spending the day on Healing Symbolism. I was intrigued by the idea of setting intentions and calling in healing for the new year. Not just physical healing, but healing that leads to renewal and abundant creativity in the releasing of those things that bind us to the past, hold us back from being our fullest, most expansive self.

The first post of the day presented a variety of symbols for various cultures and backgrounds to look through and reflect on to see what resonates with me in relation to healing.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE POEM, “RADIANT CREATOR” by Lisa Kindle https://youtu.be/RUzK63_mGG8

I was drawn to several figures. The graphic designer in me couldn’t resist! I love the iconic shapes and the inner meanings of these symbols. It intrigues me and I dig into the history of some of them to learn more as I begin to formulate my image.

No surprise, I chose to use the labyrinth in my image. Also, the spiral is a common theme for me along with a female figure. Let’s dig into it. The first slide show the healing symbolism you will find in the finished drawing and was inspiration for the poem I wrote, “Radiant Creator” as illustrated here for you. Continue to read for more information on the symbolism.



FURI-IKI, a Japanese symbol that represents a “whirlwind,” good luck, positive energy, and the path of the sun’s travels. FURI in Japanese can sometime refer to “soul shaking” and overall well-being, and IKI represents “stylishness” – a way of being.

INNER FLAME, the flame within a circle represents my creative flame – an inward burning focus to create; the creative process.

CIRCLES, if you look closely to the painting, you will notice a total of six circles. The circle is a universal symbol of unity, wholeness. These were used intentionally to show how everything is connected. The circles also reinforce the unlimited possibilities. The use of neuro-lines* emphasizes the energy that connects each of these figures and courses through my life and creative flow.

SPIRAL GODDESS, central to the image with a spiral flowing from the inside out indicates limitless expansion, achievement, growth, infinity. The female goddess symbol is all about feminine power, celebration. The lines extending out of the figure from the spiral represent my connection to the universe, God and the unknown where creativity is endless.

LABYRINTH, The labyrinth is a classic symbol for life’s journey, with many twists and turns. A labyrinth represents gateways, life path, renewal, growth; and, the concepts of light, night and magic.

I chose the labyrinth because it is forever anchored as a positive image and guiding symbol in my life because my husband and I were married in a labyrinth. In the new year, we look forward to new discoveries together walking this labyrinth we call our lives.


*Neuro-line, a term that comes from the study and practice of Neurographica. I recently completed my first course in Neurographica (basic user course) in a series of coursework towards certification. A Neuro-line is a line that never repeats or ever looks like another line. This creative method stimulates new neural pathways by combining art and psychology, founded by PAVEL PISKAREV, PhD.

Want to listen to me read the poem? Follow the link here to my YouTube channel where I read my poem “Radiant Creator.” Thanks!

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CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE POEM, “RADIANT CREATOR” by Lisa Kindle https://youtu.be/RUzK63_mGG8