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Color Affirmation Deck

Order the latest version of the Color Affirmation Deck with 45 affirmations with 9 color cards; 4 instruction cards on how to find your life path color and ways to use this deck to spark creativity, boost confidence or as a conversation starter. They are also great as a therapeutic tool for licensed therapists and life coaches.

A little video giving you a little insight into the updated art and affirmation deck I’ve made!
Here I am standing out in our new labyrinth in Arizona sharing one of my Color Affirmation Cards!

Go to the blog to see #colortober22, where I have been sharing a card every day along with a color of the day and a creative prompt for you to use. This creative daily post was inspired by the well-known Inktober challenge. I’ve adapted it to use color and my affirmations, titling it #colortober22 Color Affirmation Edition! Hope you enjoy the month of color and affirmations with me.


When you use daily affirmations infused with color, this deck can become a wonderful, transformational tool that will empower your life!

Use this deck to:
• Calm an over-active mind
• Allow your true self to shine
• Find confidence in yourself
• Learn to trust your judgement
• Notice how color can help you
• Create new ways of thinking
• Believe in yourself
• Set new intentions
• Achieve your goals
Watch this short video that tells you a little bit about Lisa’s Color Affirmation Deck, “I Am Colorfully Made, a 72-card art and affirmation deck to inspire you with bold color and daily affirmations.

I’m working on a couple new decks to add
to the Color Affirmation Deck Series

Donate any amount here to help support the work of promoting wellness with Kindle’s signature Color Affirmation Program.

Any donations go towards printing extra decks to be sold at in-person events, bookstores or Amazon. My goal is to make these decks accessible to more people at an affordable price.

Hi, I’m Lisa

Certified Wellness Counselor and Therapeutic Art Life Coach

I believe that with the daily practice of art-making combined with creative thinking you will discover a path to wholeness, peace and fulfillment in life, a richer, deeper understanding of yourself and the path you seek.

By working together, we will be use these methods to uncover old patterns. We will practice new ways that lead to the freedom to live the life you truly deserve.

Through a unique combination of art-making, creative thinking and life coaching techniques, you will be guided in a process to release limiting beliefs and find the confidence to create magnificent things!

What’s Your Life Path Color?

The first step in unlocking a life full of color and happiness starts with your life path color. click here to find out your life path color and what it reveals about you!

Creative Wellness Sessions

You are serious about making a change or meeting a goal. You and I will create a practical plan, set strategies with proven methods to get the results you desire. By tapping into the creative side of your brain, you will discover solutions you never though possible!

Color Affirmation Program

Move past any fear and doubt to enjoy and explore different mediums and techniques where you can imagine and experiment with your art supplies. Develop new skills and ways to relax through colorful, playful and fun art experiences.

Personal Color Session

Are you feeling lost or uneasy about something in your life? Struggling with something? Curious? Discover the color that aligns with your birth and what that means for you. Unlock new pathways to clarity in this 1-hour session with Lisa.


“Living an artist’s life brings authenticity to the work I do while coaching and encouraging others to explore their artistic nature.

Lisa Kindle