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This photo is a recent happy guest at Solquest Retreat who learned about her life path color and did a drawing from the Color Affirmation Deck. She wrote this review about her experience at Solquest Retreat and with the deck:

Visiting from MN/WI, Solquest Retreat was one of our first stops. Lisa welcomed us with gratitude and lead us on a mini spiritual journey. She had activities ready and guided us all through the labyrinth.Lisa said my Life Path Color was ROSE. This was no surprise. Even the trait associated with the color rang true to who I am. We all very much enjoyed our experience! Thank you, Lisa, for your light in the world.” – Melissa

Donate if you want to part of my effort to get this inspirational deck out to the world in support of helping others feel happy, loved and inspired through the daily practice of affirmations. These affirmations build positive self-talk, confidence and more!

THANK YOU for giving to my bigger vision. Any amount helps me to grow this vision and continue to develop tools to help others on their wellness journey.



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