Day 31 #colortober22
Color Affirmation Edition

RAINBOW – I AM STRONG – I take action on my goals

Day 30 #colortober22
Color Affirmation Edition

CANYON ROSE – I AM KIND, I believe in myself


AFFIRMATION: I AM KIND – I believe in myself



What does that look like for you?

Spend the weekend being an artist. Instead of all the errands and endless to-do’s.

Set aside all your chores for the weekend and be a WARRIOR ARTIST! 

• Create with no abandon. 

• Create what you want. 

• No mark is a mistake. 

• Create what your heart desires. 

• Turn up the music, dance and paint. 

• Be the artist warrior you crave to be!

If you can’t do it spontaneously, set aside a weekend you can BE the Warrior Artist you truly desire and DESERVE to be!

Wishing you all a colorful, wonderful weekend as a weekend WARRIOR ARTIST!



Day 29 #colortober22
Color Affirmation Edition

I AM REFINED. I am beautiful, charming, and intelligent

Day 28 #colortober22
Color Affirmation Edition

AFFIRMATION: I AM CALM I feel, with every breath I take, a sense of peace and love

Creative Prompts

  • Doodle tiny blue paisleys on an index card
  • Paint a page-filling sky blue paisley in your art journal and fill it with words related to the word blue
  • Carve a paisley shaped eraser stamp to use on your art journal pages
  • Embroider elaborate paisleys on a pair of jeans with ultramarine, aqua, cobalt and indigo embroidery floss

Day 27 #colortober22
Color Affirmation Edition

I decided to start with our color affirmation cards today! I AM ENERGIZED
I dare to make positive change in my life
Use the attributes of yellow to create today: Choose one or more: optimism, spring, sunshine, happiness
I AM ENERGETIC: I dare to ake positive change in my life

Day 26 #colortober22
Color Affirmation Edition

DAY 26 Sea Green – I AM BALANCED in life and work
Create your own color card with a personal affirmation

Name all the things that are Sea Green. Make a list of all the adages, euphemisms, or turns of phrases that include Sea Green, for example, green with envy. Write for 10 minutes.

Day 25 #colortober22
Color Affirmation Edition

Day 24 #colortober22
Color Affirmation Edition

DAY 24 #colortober22 Jalepeno Red – I AM Bold & Courageous
CREATIVE PROMPT: make one action towards a goal you have today, no matter how small!
RED is passionate and dynamic

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or order one of my new decks here!

Day 23 #colortober22

DAY 23 #colortober22 AMETHYST

Be inspired by art from my color affirmation deck, “I Am Colorfully Made” This is one of the violet cards
Write your own affirmation…. what do you need to hear today?

Tips for creating a meaningful affirmation

  1. Write affirmations in the present tense. Even if it’s something you wish to accomplish in the future, come up with a way to put it in the present
  2. Adopt a positive tone of voice
  3. Make them believable
  4. Ensure they accurately reflect your priorities
  5. Really feel them

Need more help? Message me for coaching based on my Color Affirmation Program. I am a certified Wellness Counselor and offer many therapeutic art techniques.

Contact me to learn more about this program inspired by color and how it can help you create a more balanced, confident approach to life.

Day 22 #colortober22

DAY 22 #colortober22 TURQUOISE I AM

My art meditation on day 20
using the color of the day, “toasted almond”

Yesterday, I was recuperating from an event and needed some down time. I took the color of the day and instead of jumping into creating something specific, I took just the color and started mixing hues of brown to make something I thought looked like “toasted almond.”

Counter to what one might believe, taking time to create, play with art supplies, color and your imagination can actually give you energy and recharge your mind, your inner strength to do more in your life. It can build confidence, even spark your creativity to find solutions to problems you were feeling frustrated about. It’s pretty surprising really!

So, when you are tired, overwhelmed, or frustrated, try pulling out some paper and even a simple pen will do. Colored pencils, markers or a dollar store set of watercolors…. just PLAY!

As you progress through your time playing with color, you will start to notice a shift in how you are feeling.

I have been playing with the idea of “reverse coloring” which means creating an image, even these simple circles of color, then creating a pattern or image on top of them. Give it a go. Paint or color a simple circle and then draw something over it, like a butterfly or flower, maybe write some words that popped up as you were painting …. allow this process to reveal the words or images you need for the day.

This kind of art meditation can help you process whatever is on your mind. It will help you cope with life better every time you do it. It’s an approach you can take to achieve more balance and overall well-being. It is not a cure for anything, but at least for me, it never ceases to amaze me with how much better I feel because of taking the time to simply “be” and create, no matter the outcome.

It’s not just an exercise for artist’s – it’s for any one!

If you are following along and have given it a go, I’d love to see your work. Send me an email at [email protected], message me on social media, or tag me @lisakindlearts!

From my sketchbook

From DAY 15: SKY

SKY: For this day you were given the creative prompt: “Go outside and look at the sky for at least 15 minutes. See how many shapes, or animals you can see. Notice the colors. You can also choose to explore the night sky. Do you see any planets or constellations? What comes up for you as you take a few moments to reflect on what you are seeing?

I had fun playing with all the hues of blue, adding some violet as I see it often now in the Arizona sky.

One night this week, as I sat outside and the sky darkened, the stars kept getting brighter and I realized the largest star I could see was actually Jupiter, and not far off, the planet Saturn.

Day 21 #colortober22
DAY 21 PEACH PARFAIT AFFIRMATION: I AM HAPPY • I deserve to have a happy and fulfilling life
Follow along here or on either of my accounts named @lisakindlearts on Facebook or Instagram to see the daily prompts for #colortober22, my version of inktober based on my art and affirmation deck, “I Am Colorfully Made” using the 9 life path colors and many more fun and surprising colors!

Let’s start with my favorite thing to do. Offering creative challenges.

I really love helping people tap into their creativity. Especially when they think they aren’t creative…. that’s when it gets fun.

Are you up for an adventure using “art”? I promise, even if you think this isn’t for you, you will discover something pretty neat about yourself. You might even be surprised at what you uncover during this process.

During the month of October, I will doing my own take on Inktober. You will get a prompt a day based on color and an affirmation from my deck, “I Am Colorfully Made!”

You can create in whatever medium you choose.

Follow along here or go to one of my social media channels:

@lisakindlearts (facebook link)

@lisakindlearts (Instagram link)

This challenge is free. Do as much or as little as you like, but I recommend to get the most out of it that you commit to creating something every day!

DAY 1 #colortober22

Standing out in our labyrinth full of Joy!

“the rules”

• 1 drawing per day

• 1 main hue per day

• any medium you want

• get an affirmation each day for inspiration

Keep the color hue named for the day as your main color in your image.

Please feel free to share your daily images on the Lisa Kindle Arts Facebooks page or group!



My life is rewarding and full of joy

HEX #: #fde182

PANTONE #: 12-0727

An affirmation card from my deck, “I Am Colorfully Made” One of the yellow affirmation cards.
Go through your house for inspiration!

DAY 2 #colortober22



I am constantly recreating myself and that is okay

HEX #: #bddc04

PANTONE #: 389

Day 3 #colortober22

Use this color as the main color in your art today. Be inspired.
Use COLOR & CREATIVITY to brighten up your life!

Day 4 #colortober22

I AM CONFIDENT! I am right where I am meant to be

Please feel free to post pictures of your work for #colortober22 on my Facebook page or group @lisakindlearts so we can be inspired by each other throughout the month. There are some art-shares already, thank you. I love seeing your colorful contributions!

When you post your art, please tag me @lisakindlearts and #colortober22


• Create an image featuring your favorite flowers using today’s shade of blue as your main color

• Paint a mini-self portrait using dusk blue as main hue

• Find an every-day object and sketch it using a blue pen

Today’s Affirmation


I am right where
I am meant to be

DAY 5 #colortober22

Day 6 #colortober22

Day 7 #colortober22

How about music and
colors to inspire your soul?

What songs have the words “wild” or strawberry in them?

Are you smiling as you think of things that come to mind? Do they fill up your soul or inspire you to create something?

Maybe a new dance, a painting…. write a poem? Does it remind you of a precious memory making strawberry jam with your grandmother or making a strawberry rhubarb pie with mom in fall?

Take a minute to reflect. Allow yourself to feel the goodness of those thoughts today.

Enjoy these classics while you reflect and relax – have a wonderfully, colorful weekend!

Day 8 #colortober22


Day 9 #colortober22


Read about tonight’s full moon and learn when it will be fully illuminated; and how it changes color as it passes through the earth’s atmosphere because of the light that is reflected from the horizon.

Photons bounce and scatter along the horizon, creating the colors we see.

October’s full moon, the Hunter’s Moon, occurs on Sunday (Oct. 9) when the moon will appear large and orange-hued on the horizon at around sunset.

Skywatchers will be able to see the nearly full moon for several nights before and after the Hunter’s Moon  —  which gets its name from the fact it once signaled a time to hunt in preparation for the coming winter.

The Hunter’s Moon is the first full moon to follow the Harvest Moon  —  which fell on Sept. 10 this year. The Harvest Moon itself is the first full moon after the autumnal equinox that signals the start of fall in the northern hemisphere. This makes the Harvest and Hunter’s moons unique as the only full moons that are tied to an astronomical event and can actually happen in different months. 

Though the Hunter’s Moon will reach maximum illumination at around 4:54 p.m. EST (2054 GMT) on Sunday, it will still be below the horizon at this time. That means skywatchers will have to wait until sunset to see this full moon.

As the full moon moves above the horizon on Sunday, it may appear larger and more orange, taking on a fitting appearance for the fall season and for the build-up to Halloween. This is the result of something called the ‘moon illusion‘ and the fact it is being viewed close to the horizon.

The orange color comes about because as we look at the full moon close to the horizon, the light that it reflects towards us is passing through more of the Earth’s atmosphere than when it is close to overhead.

Molecules in Earth’s atmosphere are really good at scattering photons of blue light which have shorter wavelengths than red light. This means that blue photons bounce around the sky before hitting our eye  —  and that’s why the sky is blue. Longer wavelength red photons slip right through these molecules and straight to our eye for the most part.

When red photons reflected by the moon have to pass through the thickest part of the atmosphere at the horizon, the chance of them being bounced around is increased. 

SOURCE: Links in article from will navigate you away from this page.

Support the Arts: 2020 with award winning song, “Looking At The Moon”
CLASSIC! Harvest Moon by Neil Young

Day 10 #colortober22

Day 10: RICH GOLD #colortober22

Day 11 #colortober22

DAY 11 Ultra Violet

Day 12 #colortober22

DAY 12 Seafoam Green • Affirmation: I AM Compassionate

Day 13 #colortober22

DAY 13 Orange Tiger: Affirmation – I AM VALUED

Day 14 #colortober

DAY 14 #colortober22

Day 15 #colortober22

Day 16 #colortober22

DAY 16 #colortober22 Color Affirmation Edition

COLOR: Golden Yellow


I AM Energetic

I dare to make positive change in my life

Buy yourself some sunny, golden yellow daisies, sunflowers, or 

any yellow flower. Or pick some from your garden. You could also go out in nature and find a collection of things in a golden yellow hue for your inspiration, even consider the sunshine.
Use these as inspiration and create a pattern based on the flower and its petal shapes.

Day 17 #colortober22

DAY 17 – Pastel Lilac I AM STRONG

Day 18 #colortober22

Speaking of VELVET…. are you looking for a fun way to inspire yourself with color and artful affirmations?

I have revised my I AM COLORFULLY MADE 72-card deck with my original art and affirmations and created a 36-card deck that will be delivered in a lovely purple velvet bag!

You can now order this new deck directly online!
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Day 19 #colortober22

DAY 19 #colortober22 LAUREL GREEN

Day 20 #colortober22

DAY 20 #colortober22 TOASTED ALMOND