I will help you find joy through mindful making

Lisa has a special gift of motivating those around her by providing a safe environment to share and lean into what inspires them. Not only will she inspire, she will challenge you in a good way to confront your fears and gently face them so that you can make an action plan to move forward. Her approach to coaching help bring creativity to light and leave you feeling energized and inspired.

Her work is aimed at inspiring you to find creative solutions through applying art methods that result in a happier, balanced life. It is through small, practical, intentional steps we find our way through the tough times in life, one step at a time.

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Kindle offers both one-on-one coaching and group coaching sessions that utilize therapeutic art practices such as Art Journaling, Life Affirmation Cards, Mandalas, Intuitive Painting, Meditation, Bridging, Visualization, Free-Flow Writing, and Reframing Techniques.

Kindle is the creator of the Color Affirmation Deck™ – a tool to “Empower Yourself with Color” using her Color Affirmation Deck™ System. She is also working on a daily inspirational deck called “Walking with the Spirit” that brings together her life-long passion for photography with reflections inspired by nature.

Lisa’s artwork brings light into the darkness, bringing light to lives around the world. It is like a guide for those who may feel lost. Thank you for sharing your innovative work!

Mindful.walk, Instagram follower from India

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